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Choose five types of produce on the Dirty Dozen List to buy in their organic version this week.

Review the Dirty Dozen List and choose five types of produce that you normally eat, or would like to eat, and purchase them in their organically grown versions to save yourself a stomach full of pesticides. Frozen and fresh will both do. Alternatively, reduce your pesticide intake by switching out a type of produce on the Dirty Dozen List that you typically purchase non-organic with something on the Clean Fifteen List that is also non-organic. See Tips for Cleaner Nutrition for the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Lists.


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Find two ways to use less paper this week.

Each American  uses an average of seven trees or 700 pounds in paper, wood and other products made from trees every year (1). By making a few simple tweaks to your paper usage routine, you can greatly decrease the impact you have on deforestation. This week find two ways you can use less paper. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Use a dry-erase board for brainstorming, making shopping lists and communicating with your family and co-workers.
  • Nix paper plates.
  • Replace paper cups with reusable bottles and cups.
  • Replace paper towels with reusable cloth towels.
  • Move to paperless billing.
  • Stop junk mail, visit: http://www.ecocycle.org/junkmail to learn more.
  • Use both sides of notebook paper and copy paper.
  • File things electronically in folders on your computer or in the cloud rather than printing and filing physically.
  • Refuse printed receipts and have them emailed if possible.
  • Research treeless paper products.

Conserve Energy Future, 30 + striking ways to use less paper to save world’s forests, Accessed November 12th, 2018 <https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/striking-ways-to-use-less-paper-save-world-forests.php>


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Move 7,000 steps each day this week.

You might want to revisit Tips to Help You Increase Your Steps.

Just keep moving this week with a goal of at least 7,000 steps each day.


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