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Week #12 is your week to tie up any loose ends. You can use this week to:

  • Play catch up on a skill you feel you didn’t master at any time during the program.

  • Help your tribe members with a skill they are struggling with.

  • Take on one or more of our Bonus Challenges.

  • Complete a Tribe Challenge that you haven’t already conquered.

  • Go for a spin on an Advanced Track.

You can look back at your Challenges Trackers from months one, two and three, and determine which skills need more work. If you did not complete a challenge on most days of the week, you probably need to continue working on that skill. Below is a list of the Nourish, Live and Move Skills you should have conquered during this program. Also listed are Bonus Challenges, Tribe Challenges and Advanced Track Challenges from months one, two and three. You can use these lists to choose a challenge from to work on this week. Along with each challenge are links that will take you back to the tips to help you conquer that challenge. Reach out to your tribe and Zero 2 Healthy Human Community for support this week and good luck!

1. More Water, Less Sugar:

Eliminated sugar containing beverages and drinking 64 ounces of water each day (no plastic bottles).

See: Tips to Decrease Sugar and Increase Water

2. More Fruits & Veggies:

Eating four or more cups of fruits and vegetables per day.

See: Tips to Get You Past Common Fruit & Veggie Hang-Ups

3. Cleaner Nutrition:

Buying organic versions of the fruits and veggies listed on the Dirty Dozen List, choosing foods with fewer ingredients and cooking more meals at home from whole foods.

See: Tips for Cleaner Nutrition

1. Sleep Better:

Creating an optimal sleep environment each night, having a consistent bedtime and routine and avoiding afternoon caffeine.

See: Tips for Better Sleep

2. Recycle:

Consistently recycling three types of material.

See: Recycling Challenge Information

3. Reduce & Reuse:

Using less paper, reusable shopping bags and bottles.

See: Reducing & Reusing Challenge Information

1. Move More:

Standing or moving when I normally wouldn’t.

See: Tips to Help You Increase Your Steps

2. Move More:

Not sitting for more than 30 minutes at one time.

See: Tips to Help You Increase Your Steps

3. Move More:

Taking at least 10,000 steps per day.

See: Tips to Help You Increase Your Steps