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Tribe Challenge – Recycle Scavenger Hunt

It’s a Scavenger Hunt! Work together to find and purchase all of the products listed on the Scavenger Hunt List from recycled brands.

If your tribe decides to take on the Tribal Challenge this week, you will work together and divvy the Scavenger Hunt List amongst yourselves. Each of you will be responsible for grabbing what is on your list and reporting back to your Tribe.

Tribal Scavenger Hunt List:

  • Toilet paper
  • Copy paper
  • Drinking glass
  • Laundry detergent
  • Trash bags
  • 1 refurbished electronic or ink cartridge

Step #1: Plan it together! Divvy the list between your Tribal members.

Step #2: Share it! Tell someone outside of your tribe what your tribe will be up to this week.

Step #3: Complete it! Once you find your items, post and share with your Tribal members.

Step #4: Post it! Be an agent of change and post the results of your work on your personal social media accounts with #Zero2HealthyHuman to be entered into our weekly giveaway. The more you post with #Zero2HealthyHuman, the more you inspire others and the more chances you have at winning. So be sure to let your friends know all that you are accomplishing through Zero to Healthy Human.