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Am I Eco-Friendly?

Place a checkmark next to the statements that describe you. Grade yourself at the end of the quiz by tallying up the number of checked items you scored. Use the statements that do not describe you as a guide for directing your goals towards becoming more eco-friendly.

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I recycle glass. I keep the lights off whenever possible.
I recycle paper. I use energy efficient light bulbs.
I recycle aluminum. I close doors to keep in the heat or cold.
I recycle cardboard. I use the washing machine on the cool cycle whenever possible.
I recycle ink cartridges. I walk instead of drive whenever possible.
I recycle electronics. I carpool or use public transportation.
I recycle plastic. I turn the television off when not actively using.
I buy products made from recycled items. I use the lowest water pressure possible.
I strive to produce zero or as little waste as possible. I use a low flow or dual flush toilet.
I simplified my life and decluttered my home and office. I use a low flow shower head.
I share items I do not need on a regular basis with family and friends; for example, lawn and home maintenance equipment. I use a drip irrigation system to water plants.
I buy used items rather than new when possible. I use leftover water to water plants.
I use reusables instead of disposable; for example: water bottles, straws, shopping bags, razors and food storage containers. I use a clothesline to dry clothes.
I donate used items I no longer need. I purchase appliances that use less energy.
I reuse books, videos and video games through the library or rental store. I buy local, organic food as much as I can.
I refuse offers for free products that I know I do not need. I compost food waste when possible.
I use electronic billing & correspondence rather than paper. I removed my address from paper mail solicitations.


Total number of checked statements which applied to me: _______

Use the scale below to determine your grade

# of checked answers Letter Grade

  • 31-34 A
  • 27-30 B
  • 23-26 C
  • 19-22 D
  • 0-18 F