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Our Story

Zero 2 Healthy Human

Small Changes. Big Impact.

At Healthy Human, it has always been our mission to inspire you to Live Life Healthy. To us, being healthy is more than just eating salads and doing juice cleanses. It’s about treating our bodies and our planet with the respect they deserve. It’s about making simple, daily changes that add up to transform us into healthier people who are ultimately contributing to a healthier planet.

As a company, we want to do more than just talk the talk. We want to walk the walk. That’s why we decided to take our mission one step further and create a program aimed at helping anyone and everyone become a healthier version of themselves, even if you are starting from Zero. With the help of nutritionist Star Edwards, we created Zero 2 Healthy Human, an all encompassing program designed to transform you into a healthier human in a unique, approachable way. Did we mention it’s FREE?

During this 90 day program, we will inspire you to not only make steps towards improving your personal health by eating real food and moving your body in a gentle way, but we will also challenge you to make simple changes in an effort to improve your environmental impact. It is our belief that small changes add up to make a huge impact.

Star Edwards, MS, RDN/LD

Star is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with a Certification in Integrative & Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy with Culinary. She began her career as a nutrition educator teaching standard nutrition principles. Once a new mom, she embarked on a journey to maximize the health of her family. It was at that point she discovered Functional and Integrative Medicine, which she now refers to as Fun-grative Medicine. She believes that the body wants to heal itself and will fight to do so given good nutrition, clean air and water, sunshine and joy. She has since incorporated fun-grative techniques into all aspects of her life as well as the work she does coaching clients and consulting with businesses.