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Advanced Track – Reduce & Reuse

Choose one for your Advanced Challenge:

  1. Take our Eco-Friendly Quiz and choose one area to work on.
  2. Encourage and lead others to become Reduce & Reuse Masters.
  3. Read Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste by Bea Johnson.
  4. Learn to compost.
  5. Use the 5 R’s Journal to help you move towards a zero-waste lifestyle.

If you consistently minimize paper use, reuse shopping bags and never use aluminum cans, plastic bottles or plastic straws, you are ready for our Advanced Track. We have five options listed above for you to work on during this month.

Eco-Friendly Quiz – Our Eco-Friendly Quiz will show you your strengths and weaknesses. Chose a weakness and turn it into a goal for the week or the entire month. See Great Goals to remind you how to set great goals.

Encourage Others – Use your passion for protecting and preserving the environment to ignite change in your community. Organize a zero-waste event in your community or workplace. Step in and ask your tribe members what they think the most difficult challenge will be for them this month and how you can help.

Zero Waste Home – Glean ideas and inspiration from the Zero Waste Home, then put it into action and pass it along to others.

Compost – Composting can be a great way to sustainably dispose of some food scraps and some garbage (for example, hair, lint, coffee grounds, cotton swabs, old cotton towels and clothing and sticky notes). Plus, if done correctly, it can create luscious, rich soil for your garden, or can be turned into a side hustle for extra income. Information and videos for composting are abundant online.

5 R’s Journal – Use the 5 R’s Journal to identify the contents of the garbage can and recycle bin, and analyze how you can eliminate each piece of waste without sending it to the landfill and minimize the recycle bin.

Step #1: Plan it! Each week decide what your goal will be and create a plan of action to get you to the finish line.

Step #2: Share it! Commit to it by letting your tribe know what you will be working on and how you can help them.

Step #3: Complete it! Do the work and reach your goals.

Step #4: Post it! Be an agent of change and post the results of your work on your personal social media accounts with #Zero2HealthyHuman to be entered into our weekly giveaway. The more you post with #Zero2HealthyHuman, the more you inspire others and the more chances you have at winning. So be sure to let your friends know all that you are accomplishing through Zero to Healthy Human.

Use the Fillable Challenges Tracker to track progress towards Advanced Track, Bonus and Tribe Challenges. See Great Goals to help you develop goals for your Fillable Tracker.