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Advanced Track – Move More

Conquer a goal of your choice in the Movement & Mechanics area that you fall short in.

If at any time during the program you feel that you have consistently and confidently mastered a step goal before you even start, jump on the Advanced Track and stay there as long as you need.

For example, if you know you already get 5,000 steps per day before the program starts, but less than 10,000 steps, work off of the Advanced Track until month three, where you can focus on stepping up to 10,000 steps. Or, you might choose to set a goal at month one to walk 10,000 steps. After you reach that goal, you may choose to follow the Advanced Track for the remainder of the program.

If working out is your favorite past time and you feel like you have the whole step thing conquered, you can probably find something that needs work in one of our Movement and Mechanics areas.

For the Advanced Track, the first step is to identify your weaknesses and set goals to work on.  For more information on each type of exercise, see Movement and Mechanics Exercises.

If you are a fitness instructor or gym owner, see Advanced Track – Move More for Fitness Instructors and Gym Coordinators for tips to help you lead an advanced track your clients will love.

Step #1:

Plan it! Identify your weaknesses and set goals.

To help you identify your weaknesses, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. Aerobic Exercise – do I get the recommended two and one-half hours of moderate intensity exercise or one hour and 15 minutes vigorous intensity exercise each week? Keep in mind that five hours is better, and it is best to spread your aerobic exercise over the course of several days.

Example goal: 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise (like brisk walking or jogging) five days a week. Consider exercising with tribe members or joining a class at your local gym.

2. Strength – am I doing strength training exercises two days a week and am I training my upper body, lower body and core? Tip: avoid strength training the same muscle group two days in a row. For example, you can do an upper body workout one day and a lower body workout the next day. Or you can do a full body workout and leave at least one day in between that workout and your next full body workout.

Example goal: Full body workout on Tuesday and Thursday each week.

3. Flexibility – do my workouts include flexibility exercises, or am I doing separate flexibility exercises every week?

Example goal: include dynamic stretches in my workouts three days a week, or add five minutes of static stretches at the end of all of my workouts.

4. Balance – do my workouts include balance exercises, or am I consistently working on my balance?

Example goal: include one exercise in all of my workouts to improve balance.

5. Mobility – do my workouts include mobility exercises, or am I doing separate mobility exercises every week?

Example goal: spend one workout a week focusing on mobility exercises, or add two mobility exercises to each of my workouts.

6. Posture – do I have healthy posture while standing and/or sitting? Am I aware of my posture throughout the day?

Example goals: set a reminder alarm to check my posture every 30 minutes while sitting or standing at work for one week, or do stretches that improve posture every 30 minutes as I transition from sitting to standing at work.

If you are on the fence about any of the above questions or answered “no,” take that area on as your goal for the week or month. Use an example goal we prepared above or create your own. Need more ideas or help deciding what to work on? Ask your tribe to chime in, or ask on our Zero to Healthy Human community page. Remember our tips for setting Great Goals.

Step #2:

Share it! Commit yourself by telling your tribe to hold you accountable.

Step #3:

Complete it! Get to work and reach that goal.

Step #4:

Post it! Be an agent of change and post the results of your work on your personal social media accounts with #Zero2HealthyHuman to be entered into our weekly giveaway. The more you post with #Zero2HealthyHuman, the more you inspire others and the more chances you have at winning.  So be sure to let your friends know all that you are accomplishing through Zero to Healthy Human.

Use the Fillable Challenges Tracker to track progress towards Advanced Track, Bonus and Tribe Challenges. See Great Goals to help you develop goals for your Fillable Tracker.