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Advanced Track – Fruit & Vegetables

  1. Add flavor to your produce by finding herbs and spices that pair well with the fruits and veggies you eat.
  2. Learn to make nutritious and delicious sauces and dips to accompany your fruit and vegetable creations.
  3. Encourage and lead others to become Fruit and Vegetable Masters.

If you already consider yourself a Fruit and Vegetable Master, comfortably and consistently achieving 4-5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day, choose one of the above challenge options to take on as your new challenge. Look for new, fun and exciting ways to add flavor to your produce. You are encouraged to research and gather herbs and spices that pair well with the produce you typically eat. Learn to make nutritious and delicious sauces for cooked produce, and dips for fresh produce, that will take your cooking up a notch.

Give back to your community by encouraging others to be healthier humans, and by helping your fellow tribal members who might be struggling in this area.

When looking for ways to help others, think about what is it that you excel at. Is it planning, prepping or finding good produce? Share your tips with others and ask how you can help. Below are a few ideas:

  • Purchase fresh fruit and vegetables for someone who is struggling financially.
  • Teach a healthy fruit and veggie snack cooking class for kids.
  • Meet someone in your tribe who is struggling in this area at the grocery store and help them prep their produce.
  • Hold your tribal members accountable by meeting them for lunch and texting them through the day.
  • Share your favorite produce recipes and prep tips.

Step #1: Plan it! When, how and where will you flavor it up? Who in your tribe or your community can you help with eating more fruits and vegetables this week, and how will you help them?

Step #2: Share it! Commit to it by telling your tribe what your plan is.

Step #3: Complete it! Time to put your plan into action and get to work!

Step #4: Post it! Be an agent of change and post the results of your work on your personal social media accounts with #Zero2HealthyHuman to be entered into our weekly giveaway. The more you post with #Zero2HealthyHuman, the more you inspire others and the more chances you have at winning.  So be sure to let your friends know all that you are accomplishing through Zero to Healthy Human.

Use the Fillable Challenges Tracker to track progress towards Advanced Track, Bonus and Tribe Challenges. See Great Goals to help you develop goals for your Fillable Tracker.