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What is Zero 2 Healthy Human?

Zero 2 Healthy Human is a 90 day guided program created by a registered dietitian to transform you into a healthier humans. The program provides simple steps in the form of weekly challenges that can easily be incorporated into participants’ daily lives. Conquering each challenge leads to a healthier human who also helps others and the planet Earth.

The program is made of three pillars: Nourish, Sustain and Move. Through a series of weekly challenges, participants are guided step by step to master skills in each pillar.




How much does it cost to participate in Zero 2 Healthy Human? Nothing. The entire program is yours for the taking, at no cost.

What is different about Zero 2 Healthy Human? This program holistically encompasses the human as a whole and incorporates food, movement and other aspects of living well and being a better human, like caring for the planet and the community. This sets it apart from programs that focus specifically on nutrition or fitness.

Is it a weight loss program? Zero 2 Healthy Human was not created as a weight loss program, however, a fantastic side effect of successfully removing sugar from the diet, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, consuming cleaner nutrition and moving more is often losing a few inches around the waist.

What makes it work? Having incentives, accountability, support and resources, while at the same time having fun, increases one’s chances of success, which is exactly why these components are built into the program. For example, the more you share your work in the program with others, the more chances you have at winning our weekly incentive. You will have accountability by forming your own tribe or being active in the Zero 2 Healthy Human Facebook Community. Working on and completing weekly challenges and bonus challenges is fun and will keep you engaged.

We want you to continue to be a healthy human after your 90 days with us is up, so during the duration of the program, we train you to be successful without our weekly guidance by teaching you how to set your own goals, how to build a community around yourself that supports each other and by providing resources to help you continue learning and accomplishing more.

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