90 day program

Dedicated to help you take smalls steps that lead to large lifestyle changes.

The Zero 2 Healthy Human program is made of three pillars: Nourish, Live and Move. Through a series of weekly challenges, participants are guided step-by-step to master skills in each pillar.


Follow challenges in this pillar to make bite-sized changes leading you to master skills of decreasing sugar intake, drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables and choosing cleaner ingredients and food. Gain knowledge and tools along the way to turn these skills into sustainable lifelong habits for continual nourishment.


Gain habits beyond nutrition and exercise to transform your life, your health and the health of the planet. Challenges in this pillar will lead you to become a master at sleeping better, recycling, reducing waste and reusing goods. At the end of your 90-days, you will have a greater focus on sustainability and working together as a community to preserve our resources.


Simple challenges backed with incentives, accountability and support will lead you step by step from inactivity to moving more and sitting less. If you are already active, explore our advanced challenges and master a new skill in this pillar. Expect to create physical activity habits that can easily be integrated into your current schedule and that will stick with you long after you have mastered the Zero 2 Healthy Human program.

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